We want to make sure everyone can participate in our State Bowling Remote Invitational. We’re excited to provide two additional options for individuals who prefer to participate from home. All options give you the chance of winning an Apple Watch!

Option 1: Bowling app or bowling video game

Download and play any bowling video game and let us know how you did.  How does this work?

  1. Play a bowling video game from:
    • Phone or tablet
    • Nintendo Wii, Xbox or Playstation
  2. Tell us how you did! Submit your name, the bowling game you played and your score to [email protected] by December 6.

Option 2: Fitness & training

We want you to stay in shape this bowling season by participating in our fitness & training events.

Email [email protected] with your name and your best score in each event by the end of the season on December 6!

Check out our 2020 bowling shirt!

Limited edition bowling T-shirts are available to purchase again this year! Order online before the store closes on December 6.

Order bowling shirt

Pre-order your 2020 bowling shirt by December 6 so you can receive it in time for the holidays!

Safety Statement

Participation in activities on your own that are not at a Special Olympics practice or event nor under the supervision of a Class A coach are considered activities that you are participating at your own risk and are not covered under Special Olympics insurance policies. 


Follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines:

  • Follow social distancing recommendations.
  • Wear face masks
  • Wash hands before, during and after exercise
  • Disinfect any sports and/or training equipment you used

You can reduce your risk of exercise injury by:

  • wearing the right shoes
  • using the correct equipment
  • drinking lots of water – stay hydrated
  • warming up and stretching properly
  • be aware of your surroundings – exercise in a safe and level area clear of any obstacles or items
  • maintain social distancing rules when exercising.