Should I bowl with my teammates during this event?

No, unless your delegation is participating in the Return to Play bowling practice pilot (see below for Return to Play details). If your delegation is not participating in the Return to Play bowling pilot then you must bowl on your own. Contact your bowling coach to find out if your delegation is part of the in-person Return to Play bowling practice pilot.

You may practice on your own with members from the same household or with a PCA. In-person practices with teammates are only allowed for delegations that have been approved for the Return to Play Pilot.

How do I know if my delegation is participating in Return to Play bowling in-person practices?

You can reach out to your Head Coach or [email protected]

Will I be divisioned against others? How will I know my place?

Everyone who registers and submits a score by December 6 will receive a SOMN magnet award at the end of the season. Individuals who submit a bowling score will be divisioned by age and score, and their division and place will be posted online at the end of the season.

How does Unified Bowling work?

Athletes and Unified Partners that are bowling Unified together will have their delegation’s Head Coach submit their scores separately and notify Special Olympics Minnesota that they are a Unified Bowling team.  Special Olympics Minnesota will add their scores together and division and award them against other Unified Bowling teams across the state.

How does Return to Play work for the bowling practice pilot?

The guidelines for Return to Play bowling practice have been put together based on guidance from SOI, CDC and Minnesota Department of Health.  Limitations in the number of people that can attend a practice and a COVID-19 waiver are two of the many guidelines required for each team and practice.  For all details please visit the Return to Play page.

If my Delegation is practicing in-person what are some of the requirements of a Head Coach or HOD?

In addition to managing your practice and following all of the Return to Play practice guidelines, you must have a meeting with Special Olympics Minnesota prior to your first practice to receive approval to start.  Weekly check-in meetings are also required to make sure all guidelines are followed and that the positivity rate in the county you are practicing in is at an ok rate for in-person activities.  Special Olympics Minnesota has the right to suspend in-person practices based on non-compliance or an increased positivity rate that prohibits in-person activities.